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Why Life Abundance?
Your Path to Wellness Starts Now
To order:
or call in orders at: 1-877-387-4564
mention wentlandsilverspantry or Vanessa Wentland


Here are some reasons for feeding Life Abundance
1. No Corn, No Wheat
2. Not sold in stores - Life's Abundance products are generally delievered with 4-6 weeks of being made.
3. Made in small frequent batches, which means NO RECALLS
4. No By-Products
5. We have probiotics

Life’s Abundance All Life Stage Dog Food is formulated to meet the dietary needs of dogs of all ages. This premium recipe includes multi-source proteins for strong muscles; antioxidants and micronutrients for cellular health; omega 3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat; prebiotic fiber and probiotics to support a healthy gut. With Life’s Abundance, you can be confident you are feeding your dog advanced nutrition.

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